OHM - September 2020

New September 2020 OHM BEADS

Alice in Wonderland series

Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland, the little girl who learned to eat mushrooms to grow bigger or smaller. Now you can find iconic items from the story such as the smoking larvae or the Mad Hatters hat in this new series. We especially recommend the heart-shaped "Painting The Roses Red". This red and silver charm seems to contain multiple layers of meaning for those who can see through it.

OHM BEADS - Big Fat Killer Bee

This new glass charm is sooo nice.
In my opinion this new selection is definitely one of the best so far.
This Fat Bee warrior looks good from any angle and will fit well on most people.


Watch the new Luna 2.0 from the Earth Month series
This new Luna 2.0 bead is just one of the many new beads from the earth-conscious new series "Earth Month" from OHM.

Vacation series.

There is a lot of chaos in the world right now and while most of us wouldn't mind a vacation to get away from it it all, that isn't possible at the moment unfortunately.
This latest series from OHM might be able to help relieve the stress a little bit.
These new beads in the Vacation series has popular subjects such as
"Mai Tai", "Blue Lagoon", "Cosmo" and Mojito.
You might recognize these as the most popular vacation drinks around.
So while we can't spend these days relaxing at the beach, at least we can enjoy some beautiful beads from OHM in bright and interesting colors.

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