OHM August 2019

New collection for August from OHM is now available for pre-order and will be shipped on the release day the 1st of August. 
Bithday Cake? Anyone? 

Heart of The Woods

Every time we think: what else can be done about a heart? Can you make it different again? And every time OHM is giving us an answer: YES.

This is a seriously breathtaking version. Interwoven branches are shaping a heart that is almost anatomically detailed. Our applause and bravo!

This is new BOTM and is produced in the limited amount of 555. Comes with individual certificate in a stylish wooden box.

WTF? and $H1T silver beads

We all have those days when we can only say $H1T or WTF?... Happens... Add some expression to your bracelet.

Bithday Cake, AFAIK and Thanks a Lot glass beads

Summer is the period of weddings and big birthday parties. How do you feel about Birthday Cake glass bead with many dots in multiple colors? Or maybe you are a bride to be? As far as I know they usually wear white 

Loyalty Card 5=6

Don't forget to take advantage of the loyalty card offer! Text us if you hesitate how it works - but don't hesistate, with this card every 6th OHM bead is free!
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OHM - Heart of The Woods BOTM
OHM - WTF? silver bead
OHM - $H1T silver bead
OHM - Afaik weiss Glascharm
OHM - Thank a Lot colorful glass bead, Pre-order