OHM - April 2021

New April 2021 OHM BEADS

Your order will be send in the start of April

OHM Park

You almost get the feeling, that you are in a zoo, when you look at these charms. OHM Park is filled with hungry hippos, emperor penguins, panda snacks and butterflies. 
Oh, did you see that?! It was a dragonfly, that flew by. And look at the size of that butterfly!

In this collection you can choose between both glass and silver charms with the most stunning colors and designs.

OHM Bracelets

Now you can get a new bracelet for your wrist.
You can either get a loose chain bracelet or a firm skinny bracelet. Both are of course perfect for both the new and old charms. 
These bracelets also have the special OHM lock and are made in sterling silver.

OHM Slim Glass Charms

These glass charms are ready to give you the feeling of spring. The light colors makes you think of spring and summer times. 
They have this slim look and differs from the rest of the April collection. 

We are stunned by this collection. It's colorful, fun, cute, yes, just all good feeling and emotions you can think of.

You order will be send to you in the start of April.

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